2023 4th International Conference on Measurement Technology, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (MTDPM 2023)
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2023 4th International Conference on Measurement Technology, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (MTDPM 2023) accepts original and unpublished papers. The papers may include but are not limited to:

1. 测量技术、应用和现代检测技术/Measurement Technology, Application and Modern Detection Technology

工程测量技术/Engineering Measurement Technology


测量数据及处理/Measurement Data and Processing

测量仪器/Measurement Instruments

仪器仪表及测试应用/Instrumentation and Testing Applications

人工智能研究/Artificial Intelligence Research

传感器与非电量测量/Sensors and Non-Electrical Measurements

网络测试系统及通讯/Network Test Systems and Communications

电子测量/Electronic Measurement

测量控制理论及应用/Measurement and Control Theory and Applications

智能制造与测试测量/Smart Manufacturing and Test and Measurement

空间科学仪器/Space Science Instruments

传统测量仪器及现代网络融合/Traditional Measurement Instruments and Modern Network Integration

现代检测技术的理论与实践/Theory and Practice of Modern Inspection Technology

测量数据在工程质量监督检测中的应用/Application of Measurement Data in Project Quality Supervision and Inspection

2.土木工程中的测量技术/Measurement Technology in Civil Engineering

土木结构测量/Measurement of Civil Structures

监测和控制结构/Monitoring and Control of Structures

结构修复、改造及加固结构的可靠性和耐久性/Structural Repair, Renovation and Reinforcement of Structures for Reliability and Durability

岩土工程/Geotechnical Engineering

地质工程/Geological Engineering

隧道地铁及地下设施/Tunnels, Subways and Underground Facilities

地震工程/Seismic Engineering

海岸工程/Coastal Engineering

给排水工程/Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

供暖、供气、通风和空调工程/Heating, Gas, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering

制图与地理信息系统/Cartography and GIS

测量工程/Surveying Engineering

计算力学/Computational Mechanics

施工技术/Construction Technology

计算机仿真CAD/Computer Simulation CAD

CAE/Computer Aided Engineering

测量技术在防灾减灾中的应用/Application of Measurement Technology in Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

3.建筑工程的测量应用/Measurement Applications in Construction Engineering

建筑工程测量/Construction Surveying

施工测量/Construction Surveying

城市规划与测量/Urban Planning and Surveying

线路测量/Line Surveying

建筑三维测量/3D measurement of buildings

沉降观测/Subsidence Observation

工程材料检测/Construction Material Testing

建筑工程管理/Construction Engineering Management

安全工程/Safety Engineering

4.水利工程及测量应用/Hydraulic Engineering and Surveying Applications

水利工程施工测量/Hydraulic Engineering Construction Surveying


河流动力学/River Dynamics

工程水文学/Engineering Hydrology

水利水能计算/Hydraulic Energy Calculations

液压系统/Hydraulic Systems

液压机械/Hydraulic Machinery

工程测量/Engineering Surveying

水文和水资源/Hydrology and Water Resources

水资源规划及利用/Water Resources Planning and Utilization

水工钢结构/Hydraulic Steel Structures

水利工程及管理/Hydraulic Engineering and Management

水电规划/Hydropower Planning

农田水利/Agricultural Water Resources

灌溉和水利/Irrigation and Hydrology

农业水土工程学/Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering

测量技术用于防洪抗旱管理/Measurement Technology for Flood and Drought Management

5. 智能减灾与防护工程/Intelligent  Disaster Reduction and Protection Engineering 

防灾减灾/Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

降低地质灾害风险/Risk Reduction of Geohazards

土地荒漠化/Land Desertification/Swampiness

土壤冻融/Soil Freezing and Thawing

6.其他相关主题/Other related topics